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Dear friends, As of January 1 2014, Good Tone Guild Reeds is proud to announce the return of the Rookie+ oboe reed.

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Cane is an all-natural, organic material. It is a grass called Arundo donax (we highly recommend the article at Wikipedia). Because it is an organic material, it can be affected by all kinds of issues. When you have two blades interacting together, more variables are introduced. Things that affect reeds are humidity, temperature, time (as the cane wears out and loses elasticity in the cane fibers), saliva acidity, elevation, and barometric pressure to name a few. External damage resulting from trauma which can happen if the reed is dropped or hit into the teeth, is another thing. Also, reeds are small! In general the bigger the reed the less sensitive to environmental or other changes it will be. That’s why bassoon reeds or English horn reeds last a lot longer than oboe reeds.